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Do you need a home equity loan in BC, Canada, and the banks have turned you down? Income or credit score criteria are the #1 reason banks and credit unions turn down mortgage applications!At Equity Loans BC, we provide bespoke alternative lending solutions and help you get approved independent of your current financial situation.

We focus on private financing and other specialty financing products based on home equity, for all types of clients including those with no income or a bad credit report.

Our mission is to help you obtain the funds you need by aggregating solutions from a wide selection of lenders, and comparing them to find the best financial deals.

Dedicated full-time, our team of practitioners including financing experts, ex-bankers and real estate specialists will also help you improve and consolidate your current financial situation, and get your mortgage loan back to the bank.

exclamation point We work with all types of clients including; self-employed, low income, bad credit, high debt, tax arrears & bridge financing.

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Home equity loans play a vital part in BC’s mortgage financing world. They allow homeowners to qualify for the funds they want and need, by using their property as collateral.

In addition, this type of loan product can also help you:

  • Improve credit problems and increase cash flow through debt consolidation
  • Consolidate all interest rate payments into one low monthly payment

Go after a business or investment opportunity without needing to rely on your bank or any other financial institution



If you are looking for a home equity loan in BC but your credit history is less than stellar, don’t despair! Our non traditional mortgage solutions get funded fast and approved easily.

What makes alternative lending In British Columbia different from the traditional one?

  • Most banks will not approve your mortgage refinancing with outstanding taxes owed. But we can work through that. Contact us today to find out more!
  • Bridge financing is another type of mortgage. Using the equity in your home you can secure the financing to purchase your new home. Owning two properties can affect debt servicing levels for traditional mortgage lenders but not when you work with us.
  • Out of work or between job bridge loans? The value of your home can help you get through tough financial times. Unlike high street institutions, we have mortgage products for this particular case too, without any credit checks. All we need is your home’s value.
  • Spousal separation can be hard on the whole family. But a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit can help bridge the gap until you settle your affairs. Did your bank In BC refuse to help you due to low creditworthiness? Don’t worry, we won’t!



Home equity loans in BC are a simple loan-to-value calculation.

And here is how you do it:
Loan To Value Calculation Chart For Home Equity Loan BC
Collin Murray and his team of alternative mortgage lenders have decades of experience. They can answer all your questions quickly and effectively, and have the resources to manage pressing timelines.

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