A Peak Behind the Curtain

Peak behind the curtain of private lending and if you are looking in the right area you will see brokers, like myself, working diligently for homeowners. I would like to take this time to explain to some skeptics out there why Private financing is an absolutely great step for some home owners at certain times.

Biggest question is why is someone seeking private financing when the banks are available. The answers to that question are endless. As a broker it takes time and trust to determine what has occurred to prevent them from returning to their current lender for additional funds or perhaps even a renewal.

Life events happens! Whether it be a shortage of work, credit card utilization, marital split we can typically find a solution.

I have worked with countless clients who have debt loads of $50,000.00 and above and am always pleased to provide a solution. Clients that come to me that are paying over $2,000.00 for minimum monthly payments. I have been able to take that same client and find private financing for less than half of their existing payment with an amortization period.

As a broker providing private mortgage advice its essential to understand what happened, remove the stressor(s) and create a game plan to avoid it from happening again.

I find great satisfaction in supporting my clients in taking back their financial power and achieve their goals. It’s amazing to see the shifts that my clients make in a few short months and to see their lives improve as the financial stressors slip away.

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