Best Loans For The Self Employed With Bad Credit

Getting a loan when you are self employed can be tough. If you also throw bad credit in the mix, the process can seem almost impossible in the current economic climate. Don’t worry, though. While your options may be limited, there are alternatives to traditional loans in BC, Canada even for those that are self… Read more »

A Peak Behind the Curtain

Peak behind the curtain of private lending and if you are looking in the right area you will see brokers, like myself, working diligently for homeowners. I would like to take this time to explain to some skeptics out there why Private financing is an absolutely great step for some home owners at certain times…. Read more »

Interalia Mortgage

The Meaning of Inter Alia Wondering what is an Inter Alia mortgage? Or how it can benefit you? To answer all your questions, we’ve written this post to help guide you. So let’s first start by looking at meanings. Inter alia is a latin word translated as “among other things” which is commonly used in… Read more »

Bruised credit and how it affects mortgages

In my industry, I have the opportunity to see clients from all sides of the financial spectrum. People with impeccable beacon scores, but also folks looking to get a mortgage with a slightly bruised credit score. Most of the ones with affected credit score are asking me questions among these lines: Can I get a… Read more »