Affordable Homes Hard to Finance. We Can Help

Mobile home mortgage financing on leased land in B.C. This can be very difficult. We have limited lenders that offer these types of options if your bank or credit union has turned you down.


  • Home must be 1999 or newer or substantially renovated
  • Purchases 60% LTV higher on exception
  • Equity Take Out 50%
  • Min Loan amount $25,000
  • Term 1 year open

Other mobile home criteria that will be required is:

  • Tri Party Agreement from the park. (this is a three-way agreement for the park, the lender & the borrower to agree upon)
  • Silver Label or valid CSA electrical certificate. (many times, with mobile homes there has been renovation done. If a proper permit was not taken out and there have been any modifications done to the electrical you will require an electrician to validate the silver label designation.)

Rates for Mobile Home Financing

Mobile home mortgage rates are higher than traditional private mortgage rates due to some simple facts. When you purchase a house or condo in most cases this is fee simple. The mortgage is registered at the land titles office. When purchasing a mobile home in a park this is a chattel mortgage and registered under the personal property registry. Chattel mortgages are like auto loans because in many cases the property is a depreciating asset. Therefore lenders have the requirement of 1999 or newer or substantial renovated which helps restore the value for an economic life of the home.