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What is a b-lender mortgage? Person on computer applying for mortgage financing

B-Lender mortgage products are offered by other lending institutions and some banks. B-lender mortgages provide more innovative products than the schedule A style lenders. Their primary focus is on mortgage lending from 80% loan to value and less.

What types of products do B-Lenders offer?

B-Lender mortgages can look at slightly bruised credit, past bankruptcy, consumer proposal and higher debt servicing requirements. B-Lenders cater to the self employed who have creative ways to write down their personal income. These lenders take a more common sense approach to mortgage lending.

What kind of documents do B-Lender mortgage require?

B-lenders require most of the same mortgage lending documents as Scheduled A banks, but they can get creative with the income documents or credit within reason. As well some B-Lenders can look at bank statements to verify cash flow that doesn’t always show up on your tax returns.

What are options if you don’t qualify with a B-Lender?

If you don’t qualify with a B-Lender mortgage there is still private mortgage lending. A lot of times if you currently hold a mortgage with a schedule A bank getting a private 2nd mortgage can give you a better blended rate average than turning to a B-Lender. If you want to learn more contact one of our mortgage professionals today.