About Collin MurrayI bring about a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Mortgage Broker role. As a Provincial Government Employee for 19 years I sharpened skill set of auditing and document management are deeply rooted in my daily activities. During my time with the Provincial Government I interviewed countless clients and experiences thousands of hours developing this skill. These experiences and time have provided allowed me to see the big picture and gather information in an efficient and timely manner.  In the career path of a mortgage broker it’s important to see what is presenting today and have the foresight to see where a client wants to be in their future. This is where I feel most familiar and confident. Supporting my clients work towards their goals today so their dreams become realized in their futures.

Tenacity is good quality that a broker should have at their ready. This allows a great broker to see a client’s application and have the drive and endurance to place them with the best lender with the best product for their specific needs. It’s about maintaining momentum until the broker can rest knowing they did their best for their clients. Having served with the Canadian Armed Forces nationally and internationally, has provided myself many opportunities to push through the points of “giving up” and achieving the best results. I will bring this same tenacious spirit to the Mortgage Broker industry and is a valuable resource to have in your corner.

My approach to the industry is simple, be honest in the process, be efficient with your client’s time, provide exceptional service and maintain contact with clients after the mortgage is funded. My goal is to be your broker for as long as you hold a mortgage and will always make myself available for consultations and mortgage advice.