Alternative mortgages are the type of specialty financing we have the most industry expertise in. Although with interest rates a bit higher than traditional mortgages, these financial options come with quick and easy approvals. A great solution for short term credit or income difficulties, our nontraditional mortgage products are addressed to all homebuyers who can’t meet the requirements of a traditional mortgage.

You have built up equity but your credit or income is less than stellar? Don’t worry! We can provide you with the funding you need through a home equity loan, regardless of your income or credit score! With great loan terms and affordable payment options, our home equity lending addresses clients own more than 25% equity. And all these advantages while just using your home as collateral.

Private mortgages in BC are financed through a private source of funds rather than a traditional mortgage lender. If you are looking for specialty financing which bypasses the hurdles of getting a traditional loan, private mortgages might just be what you need. Contact us so that we can assess your situation and help you choose the right product for your needs.

Including both individuals and private equity firms from different industries, private lenders in BC are slowly but surely gaining ground over traditional banks. And it’s no wonder. We can close loans in much shorter time, feature varying fees options, and have creative down payment requirements.

Are you self-employed and looking for a loan? We can help! If you have no income, or you are self-employed and cannot show proof of your earnings, a stated income mortgage is the specialty financing you need! To learn more or apply, contact us today!

A second mortgage is another loan you can take on your property in addition to your first mortgage. Second mortgages are not only great for people with good credit but also for those with a poor credit history. We can help all homeowners and mortgage holders get a fantastic deal on second mortgages, with very competitive rates and as quickly as possible.

When conventional mortgage lenders won’t approve your application, our B-Lenders will! If you are finding it hard to get a mortgage due to bruised credit, high debt, or past bankruptcy, we can help you get approved for a B-Lender mortgage. Although with slightly higher rates than banks or credit unions, B-lenders can get more creative when it comes to income documents or credit within reason.

If you are behind on your mortgage payments and are desperately trying to avoid foreclosure, we have you covered! Our private lenders in BC can provide nontraditional mortgage products for all those living in major cities and owning enough home equity. To help you take foreclosure off your mind, we will assist you throughout the entire process and get you back on track in less than a year.

Bad credit score and the banks said no? Even if you’ve fallen behind on mortgage payments or had a home repossessed in the past we can still help you! If you are a homeowner looking to get funding with a bad credit history, your options might be limited when it comes to banks. But not with our bad credit mortgage providers. Contact us so that we can give you advice on the right product for your needs, and help you with your application.

No income verification or stated income mortgages allow borrowers to qualify even without proof of income. For these types of specialty financing, our lenders consider other factors such as home equity or available assets, and can provide loans of up to 75% of your home equity.

Owning only half of a property? You can still borrow against your part of equity. Yes, we know that banks and credit unions don’t offer loan products like these. But we do! Find out more about getting a half interest mortgage.

Are you a mobile home owner? There are available mortgages for mobile homes, too. Obviously, it will be harder to get one with a traditional bank. Our lenders make it easier for you to qualify.